$25* per Person per Session:

  • Mission registration, preparation and briefing.  (30 minutes, see field rules and guidelines).
  • TagParty RECON equipment gear-up (5 minutes).
  • 45 minutes mission (3minutes deployment plus 42 minutes ) – time spent actively pursuing mission objectives.
  • Mission debriefing (10 minutes) – review of mission success.

Discounts for Single Payment Multiple Session Online Bookings

If you book multiple session with a single online payment you qualify for a discount. The sessions could be for a single person or a group with the total number of sessions being used to qualify for the discount. For example: 8 people each playing a single session would qualify for the $23 rate, as would 4 people each playing 2 sessions each if they made a single payment online. When registering online (pick your time and date on the calendar) enter the appropriate Promotion/Discount code into the Promo entry box. – Note: this is different to the Voucher entry field. Gift Certificates Vouchers can be used to take advantage of the multiple online booking discount if you do not have specific times and dates in mind.

Discount Code Sessions Discount per Player Price per Player per Session
4Plus 4-7 4% or $1 $24
8Plus 8-11 8% or $2 $23
12Plus 12-15 12% or $3 $22
16Plus 16-19 16% or $4 $21
20Plus 20+ 20% or $5 $20

Special Discount Codes

You may qualify for a special discount, or have a promotional offer you can take advantage of instead of the multiple session booking discount.  When registering online please enter your special discount or promotional offer code into the Promo entry box.  Firefighters, Military, Police and Teachers should use the discount code: “Grateful12” to get your 12% discount off games (you will need to provide proof that you qualify for the discount when you check in at the field).

$480* per Field Session Booking:

  • Exclusive use of the TagParty RECON field for up to 30 participants with 20 active TagParty RECON Taggers at one time.
  • TagParty RECON equipment rental (Taggers, ancillary devices and equipment).
  • Mission(s) registration, preparation and briefing.  (see field rules and guidelines).
  • Customizable mission times and equipment configuration.
  • Related activities for group members when not equipped with a Tagger.

All prices are subject to change without notice. *Price is inclusive of Maryland’s Howard County Admissions & Amusement Tax i.e. the price shown is the price you will be charged.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. TagParty accepts payment by credit or debit cards (MasterCard, Visa) and in cash (exact amount required, we do not have change available for security reasons) – No checks. If you pay by cash you will need to leave your drivers license with us as security on the tagger rental, and your picture will be recorded.
  2. Only one discount can be applied to a booking, the highest applicable discount will be applied. If you apply a code that you do not qualify for you will be charged the difference before you play, or you will not be allowed to play and our standard cancellation policy will apply.
  3. Bookings are refundable if cancelled at least 10 days before the TagParty RECON session date.
  4. Cancellation less than 10 days in advance, but more than 48 hours before the scheduled session, will incur a 50% charge of the TagParty RECON price. Cancellation less than 48 hours, or failure meet our terms and conditions will result in the full charge of the TagParty RECON price.
  5. Must be 10 years or older to play and 13 years or older to play unaccompanied by an adult. Player who are thought not to meet the age requirements, by the TagParty RECON field manager, will not be allowed to play unless they have  proof of age.
  6. All participants, or their legal guardians, must sign the liability release form. You cannot participate in, or go onto the playing area of TagParty Recon without signing the liability release form.
  7. Failure of participants to sign the liability release form, or failure to provide proof of age, are not a reasons to not pay for, or request a discount off  your TagParty RECON session.
  8. TagParty is not responsible for the weather and the TagParty RECON field manager is responsible for making a weather related play/no-play decision. For a TagParty RECON session that does not start, or has less than 50% of the expected playing time due to bad weather, the participants will be offered a makeup session as soon as reasonably possible.
  9. Take care of the TagParty equipment, you will be charged at market rates for unusual damage or loss.


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