Field Rules

We hope to make your time at TagParty RECON something you will remember and come back to experience again with your friends. For the safety and pleasure of all our guests we ask that you obey the rules and follow the guidelines while at the field.  Failure to observe and follow the rules will result in game suspension or expulsion from the field with no refund.

Field Rules:

  1. You must be 10 years or older to play and 13 years or older to play unaccompanied by an adult (proof of age required).
  2. No alcohol or controlled substances are allowed on the field (including above legal amounts contained in your body – if you should not drive, you should not play). Smoking is restricted to the car parking lot.
  3. No weapons, including knives,  are allowed on the field.
  4. No glass or disposable drink containers are allowed in the playing area.
  5. When playing, stay within the designated play area (see the field map and take notice of boundary markers, and any areas marked as out of play with caution tape). Only enter and leave the field via the designated entrance. TagParty equipment must never leave the field area.
  6. Take care of the TagParty equipment, you will be charged for unusual damage or loss.
  7. Open toed footwear and sandals are not allowed on the playing area. (We do not enforce, but do strongly recommend, that you wear long sleeved shirts and long pants.)
  8. No climbing trees or wood piles,  avoid obvious hazards such as steep slopes, roots and vines etc.
  9. No cheating. This means no covering of the sensors (tag nodes).
  10. Only players are allowed in the playing area unescorted, if you do not have a tagger you are not playing.
  11. A completed and signed liability release form (waiver) is required to play, along with a valid ID (drivers license, school ID card or even a credit card).

Pre Play – Before You Arrive, Registration & Briefing Guidelines:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the field rules and guidelines before the event to get the most out of your experience. Learn about TagParty RECON equipment by browsing the web site.
  2. Register and book your session online using the calendar on our web site , or just check for availability. Also check the web site for updates and weather related issues.
  3. Please download and sign, or have the legal guardian sign for players under 18 years old, the liability release form (waiver) prior to coming to the field (forms available here) – this will speed up the registration process.
  4. You will also need to provide proof of your age so bring your drivers license, school ID, passport, or a copy of your birth certificate.
  5. Dress appropriately for the weather and outdoor activity in a wooded area with the typical hazards associated; bramble, briar and bushes, poison ivy/oak, wild animals, ticks and other insects. We recommend long sleeved shirts and long pants and the use of an insect replant.  In cold weather layered clothing and a pair of thin gloves are also recommended. You may want to make sure your clothing blends in with the background for better game play.
  6. If you have booked a session please be at the field entrance and RECON Base for your session start time, if you are late for your session you will lose playing time. Equally when your tagger’s game timer ends your game, return to the RECON Base immediately. Debrief and scoring is part of your paid time and delays will not allow for you to get your score information fully downloaded.
  7. Listen attentively and follow the briefing and any additional instruction given by the TagParty crew. If you have played before please be courteous to new players and do not distract them when they are being briefed.
  8. We accept payment by Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, or in cash (exact amount required, we do not have change available for security reasons) – NO checks. If you pay by cash you will need to leave your drivers license with us as security on the tagger rental, and your picture will be recorded.
  9. Make sure you have left any valuables you have with you in your car, or with someone you trust – you do not want to lose or break valuables items like phones and wallets on the field of play. We have limited secure storage for keys etc. TagParty is not responsible for property damaged or l0st while on the field.

Play Guidelines:

  1. No contact when playing. Please keep at least 6 feet between you and other players. This is for safety reasons.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings and move carefully through the woodlands.
  3. Do not move or hide  field equipment. Please report any equipment or other field issues (broken tree limbs etc.) to a TagParty Crew member.
  4. Respect other players and please refrain from using profane language or signs.
  5. Fair play and sportsmanship; while the tagger has anti-cheat features it can not eliminate bad behavior like players failing to appropriately wear, or slowly re-situating their head sensors when they come off. Player who flaunt the rules and guidelines will be penalized and potential removed from the game. Please do not complain about another players individual or team tactics, it is up to you to find a counter strategy. Remember it is a game and it should be fun even if challenging !
  6. If you were issued with a TagParty whistle it is only for use in case of an emergency or if you get lost.

Post Play Guidelines:

  1. Your score is as reported on your Tagger, press the black display button to scroll through the score screens. Report how many Flags you have at the end of the game and how many times you died to the TagParty Crew.
  2. Put your Tagger on the rack, your head wrap in the laundry bin, and return other equipment to the TagParty Crew.
  3. Please allow the next set of guest to receive their mission briefing and get their game started without delay.
  4. Check for ticks or any other undesirable hitchhikers.
  5. If you are going into the Mill for drinks, food or other activities, please ensure you do not carry in with you any excessive dirt and grime you may have picked up while playing.  Remove mud from your footwear or change into clean footwear. Trash and recycling bins are provided in the HQ area please use them for disposal of items before you go into the Mill.  Also please leave your outside voices outside.
  6. Take your ticket, or have your briefing sheet signed and dated, to take advantage of special offers and discounts offered on the day of your activity by our participating partners at Savage Mill.

Thank you for following these rules and guideline.


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