Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is outdoor laser tag, is it like paintball or indoor laser tag?

A. It takes the best elements of both. It’s an outdoor combat game like paintball, however the technology is similar to indoor laser tag in that the scoring is electronic, so no cheating, and there are no projectiles. Our laser tag equipment, or tagger,  emits a narrow Infra Red beam of light (not a laser and completely eye safe) a distances of over 700 feet, two to three times the distance of a paintball, and are much more accurate. When an incoming Infra Red beam deliver a “hit” or registers a “tag”,  on your taggers sensors  (also called a ” tag node”) they light up,  the tagger emit a sound and registers the tag data.

Q. Does it hurt when you get “hit”?

A. No, the outdoor laser tag units use a harmless Infra Red technology to deliver the “hit” or registers a “tag”, which causes your sensors to light up and your tagger to emit a sound. The Infra Red technology is similar to that found in your TV remote and is completely eye safe. There are no lasers in laser tag, the marketing guys just thought it sounded more SciFi and better than Infra Red tag!

Q. How is TagParty RECON different to outdoor laser tag?

A. TagParty RECON is outdoor laser tag. It is just a unique format, that overlays a futuristic story line, and game types, on to standard outdoor laser tag. We play a lot of standard outdoor laser tag games and missions, but have melded many of the concepts, ideas and game features you find in modern video games, like “Halo”, “Call of Duty” , “Day of Defeat” etc. into them (you also probably picked up on some TV SciFi themes if you read the background story). The result is a compelling, immersive experience, that goes beyond just playing laser tag or paintball – “Live the Game!”.  However, you can just come and have fun playing outdoor laser tag!

Q. Who can play outdoor laser tag?

A. Anyone over the age of 10 can play, we find that this is the minimum age that can fully grasp all the aspects of the TagParty RECON game play.  However, the size and nature of the playing area means that anyone under the age of 13 needs to be accompanied by an adult. If you are not comfortable moving around in a large wooded area with all the typical Maryland flora and fauna, then TagParty RECON is probably not for you.

You can chose your game style to suit your physical condition; the fast moving and aggressive offensive flanker , a stealthy player, or even a stationary sniper to name just a few roles. Obviously, if you are not fit enough to walk trough woodland then again this is not an activity for you. If you have an existing medical condition, consult your doctor before playing.

Please take note of the game session categories, we sometimes narrow down the age groups  and restrict play to more advanced members for more competitive sessions.

Q. What should I wear to play outdoor laser tag?

A. You should wear sneakers, or comfortable hiking footwear. Open toed shoes or sandals are NOT allowed on the field. Wear weather appropriate clothing, multi-layers work best in the colder months as you can better regulate your temperature. You should wear clothes that they do not mind getting dirty, or snagged on tree branches and brush .  We also strongly recommend long pants and long sleeved shirts/jackets to help prevent scratches from bushes. As this is a game of stealth, clothes that blend in with the woodlands are an advantage.

We recommend that you lock all your valuables in your car when playing, or leave them with whoever brings you. You can leave your car keys with us, but we do not have a large safe storage  space to hold other items. Trying to find dropped keys, wallets, cell phones etc. on 4 acres of woodland can really spoil your day! TagParty is not responsible for property damaged or l0st while on the field.

Q. How does the weather affect outdoor laser tag?

A. Weather in Maryland is seasonal and can be changeable, and unpredictable. We close if there is continuous or freezing rain, storms, high winds, or thunder and lighting.  Otherwise we can play providing the players wear appropriate clothing for the weather. We have played outdoor laser tag in snow before, with great success and lots of fun. Check this website for up to date information on the local conditions at the field, as it can be very different just a few miles away. Often a storm passes through very quickly, so after a short break we can resume your game. In case of closure, we will reschedule the event for another day.

 Q. How does your pricing work?

A.  The base rate is $25 per 90 minutes session (which includes Maryland’s Howard County Admissions & Amusement Tax of 7.5%  for our classification). Your session consists of : registration, a mission briefing, gear-up, deployment, mission time, extraction from the field, and debriefing/scoring, there is no standing in line waiting for a 5 minute ride as in places like Disney World, Universal Studios or 5 Flags America. You need to be at the the registration area  at the start of your session time. If you are late, or cause delays, and the briefing extends into your  game time then you will lose playing time.

Discounts are available for multiple bookings online. Discounts are on a per session basis, for example a 4 player group booking for a session would get a discount, the same discount would apply to a 2 person booking for 2 sessions. While multiple booking discounts are only available on line, other discounts (Military, Fire Fighter, Teacher etc.) are applicable to walk-ons.

A. Generally no, but please check availability on our booking calendar and check for closures, restricted and registration required events before you venture down to the field. Walk-ons are on a first come basis and do not benefit from the group discounts which are only applicable to on-line bookings.  We strongly recommend that you reserve you session, especially for groups of more than 4 and to take advantage of any applicable multiple player discounts.

A. Yes, through our partners at the Historic Savage Mill  and also pizza in our picnic area. You can make your own arrangements, or take advantage of one of our party packages.

A. Glass and disposable drink containers are not allowed on the playing field and neither is alcohol. All drinks, except alcohol, are allowed in the registration/ briefing area (HQ) at the entrance to the field.  Externally purchased food and drink is not allowed in the Historic Savage Mill. If you are having a pizza party with us you can bring your own cake etc.Please note: we do not have refrigeration for your drinks.

Q. Should I tip?

A. That is completely up to you. Our crew are there for your safety and to make sure you have the best experience possible. You can reward us with recommendations and your repeat business, however the immediacies of a tip is always appreciated by the crew. If you feel a tip is justified then as a guideline the tourism industry standard is 10%-15% of the non-discounted price of your activity.

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