Called a “Tagger” for multiple reason:

  • Because they emit (blast out) and receive the coded Infra Red  “hit”  tags.
  • Because they collect the Flags location tag data.
  • Because they are your personal Timeline Anchor Generator (for those following the RECON story line).
  • You play a Tactical Action Game (TAG) with them.

The Tagger is the key piece of equipment used at TagParty RECON and it is well worth being familiar with it before you play. The picture below shows the key features of  the RECON Tagger.

TagParty RECON Taggers

Gearing up:

You will be kitted out with your tagger at the RECON Base “Gear-up”. The 2 tag nodes (sensors) are worn on the provided head gear, and it is suggested that the cable attaching them to your Tagger is run under your right arm, if you are right handed, and under your left arm if left handed. The tag node directly connected to the node cable should be on the back of your head.

You can adjust the Taggers Stock length to suit by pressing in the adjustment latch. Make sure that you can see your aiming “dot”  on the red dot scope before you enter the playing area. Before you enter the game your Tagger will be keyed-on by one of the  TagParty Crew, again do not leave the RECON Base without your tagger being activated.

Each Tagger has a unique identification name, take note of yours.

IMPORTANT: Once keyed-on do not press or hold-in the trigger until instructed to do so, as this will activate your tagger prematurely, giving you less time to deploy and will end your game earlier than the rest of the group.

Tagger Operation:

During play you need only be concerned about 3 buttons on your Tagger:

  1. The “trigger” button for blasting out tags. This is by default set to semi-automatic, firing once, but rapidly, with each pull or press.
  2. The “RED” button, which is your “RELOAD” button this loads another blast clip. By default this is set to reload over a 3 second period.
  3. The “BLACK” button which is your “DISPLAY” button. Holding this down for 2 seconds will illuminate the display, pressing it briefly and releasing will move you on to the next screen on the display.

By default your Tagger is set to 100% power (TAG energy) at the start of the game, with 12 blast clips. Each blast clip is capable of  emitting 15 hit tags,  inflicting 10 damage points each.  Also by default the Taggers regenerative shields can withstand 20 damage points (2 default hits), the shield regenerate at 2 points per second, with full shield restored after 10 seconds. Once your shields are depleted you start losing Tag energy points, which do not regenerate, unless you find a MEDIC device at a Recharge Station . Equally, when you have used all your blast clips you will need to find an blast energy device (Ammo) at a Recharge Station. Each Medic and Ammo stations can only be used once per Tagger, per respawn. Ammo and Medic boxes can be used at any time, not just when you are neutralized out.

  • When your Tagger gets hit, the tag nodes will flash and your tagger will emit a sound.
  • When you pick up a Flag your Tagger will make a sound and you tag nodes will start flashing.
  • When you are tagged out, your tagger will say “Man Down, Man Down” and your tag nodes will remain on. You have 90 seconds to get to a Recharge Station  and activate a Medic box to preserve any captured Flags and re-energize your Tagger, or, activate a Repawn box (if you have previously used the Medic box) to remain in the timeline but lose your captured Flags.
  • If you do not make it to a  Recharge Station in the 90 seconds window you will need to wait a further 10 seconds to automatically respawn – your Tagger will cease to exist in the timeline, effectively dying for 10 seconds while you return and are respawned from your timeline, and all previously captured Flags data will be lost.




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