Recharge Stations

At each of the Recharge Stations on the field you will find 2 or 3 different device to help you complete your mission. The devices are identified by their color and the color of their activation button. All 3 devices are blue, rather than the amber color of Flags, but they are activated in the same way. To operate the device you simply press the button wile pointing the narrow side, the bottom side in the picture below, towards one of your tag nodes (see Flag and Tagger pages).

  • The RED button is pressed to recharge your Tagger’s blast capability,  by default 16 clips of 15 rounds each is uploaded to your Tagger from the Ammo device.
  • The GREEN button is pressed to restore or add health. Should you be tagged out your Tagger’s display will tell you to find a Medic, and count down the 90 seconds you have to get to an unused Medic device. By default the Medic device restores or add 100 health points. If you get to a Medic device in time you will keep any flags you have captured and preserve your life.

    Mission Aid Devices

Both Ammo and Medic devices can only be used once each by each player per life, or on per each respawn. Once you have used that devices you will need to find  another device, at a different Recharge  Station, if you need health or more ammo. If you fail to get to a Medic station, or have used all of the Medic Devices on the field, you will need to respawn and lose all of your captured flags.

  • The YELLOW button will repawn you back into the game, you will however lose all your flags, but will have restored health and ammo. If you respawn within the 90 seconds window  it will not count as a lost life. You can use the respawn device multiple times and once respawned you can reuse all the Medic and Ammo device.


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