Awesome Moms Discounted Play on Mothers Day

Awsome Mums

Moms deserve their day of fun too. Check out our Special Mothers Day promotion which should leave them feeling really awesome on their day.

You can donate your 12% discount to help those without supportive mothers. TagParty will match your donation, with the money raised going to the Maryland Sheriffs’ Youth Ranch.


Excited about the Hunger Games?

Hunger Games at TagParty RECON arena

You have read the book, about to or just watched the movie, now come and play!

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Hunger Games Rehearsal


We tried out the format for our “Hunger Games” format we will be playing over the school Spring Break.

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Welcome to TagParty RECON

NOTICE TagParty has ceased operations at the RECON field due to the rezoning and pending sale of the land. TagParty will continue mobile laser tag operations as normal while we look for an alternative venue. We hope you enjoyed your TagParty RECON experience and am sorry if you missed out. Please visit for more […]

Schedule for 2012 and Changes

We are working on the field schedule for 2012, so please check back later, or contact us, if you want to schedule an event in the New Year not shown on the booking calendar.

Starting in the New Year the session bookings will be for one and a half (1.5) hours, rather than one (1) […]

Special Event – Black Friday OPS


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Come ready to play, geared up in full camouflage or dark clothing to help you stealthily collect the Flags distributed over 4 plus acres of woodland. Come by yourself and join in with others to form a tag party bent on capturing the most Flags with the least […]

Saturday Afternoon Play



In need of a medic game box at the recharge station – back to full health.



Rain Rain Go Away…Come Out and Play

Recon Briefing area

RECON HQ Briefing Area in the Sun

At last it looks like we will get a break from the rain this weekend. If you have been stuck indoors why not come out to play and relieve some of that pent-up energy and frustration by blasting away on our laser tag field. You can still […]

Sign Installed

We are now almost ready, only Irene is holding us back.

First Major Milestone Accomplished

Today we signed the lease for the property which becomes active on August 1st. We have a lot to accomplish before then, and before we are ready to hold our “Grand Opening” at the end of August beginning of September.