The weather in Maryland is seasonal, can be changeable, and unpredictable (in all timelines). We close the TagParty RECON field if there is continuous or freezing rain, storms, high winds, or thunder and lighting. Otherwise we can play outdoor laser tag providing the players wear appropriate clothing for the weather. We have played outdoor laser tag in snow before, with great success and lots of fun.

Check this website for up to date information on the local conditions at the TagParty RECON woodland arena in Savage, it can be very different just a few miles away, so don’t rely on the weather you are experiencing.

Even if the field is closed at the moment do check back, often a storm passes through very quickly, so after a short break we can resume the games. You will find general weather information on the right hand sidebar of this web page and a post titled “Arena Status” on the RECON home page will inform you if the field is closed. If there are no weather related posts for your date and time, then the field is open as per the calendar schedule. We will also tweet changes to the fieldĀ  status update on Twitter (#RECONstatus).

In case of closure, we will reschedule your event for another day.

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