Taggers – Technical Overview

Your timeline anchor generator (Tagger) creates and maintains a timeline anchor field that allows the operator to exist and interact with matter in another timeline, Complete disruption of your Tagger’s generated anchor field will result in your return to your timeline and the loss of any collected Flag data tags. You will need to be respawned to rejoin your TagParty and continue the mission.

Each Tagger’s timeline anchor field is extended around you through the headband tagnodes and the tagnode on the Tagger. You must wear your headband at all times and make sure the tagnodes are uncovered and free to generate your timeline anchor field.

Your own timeline anchor field can be briefly focused and extended (blasted) from your tagger to disrupt other timeline anchor generators, this is most effective when aimed at another Tagger’s tagnodes. Only a small percent of the Taggers reserves are used for blasting out the tagger field and when this is depleted you will need to recharge your blast capacity from internal and external sources

Your Tagger also has limited shielding from disruption and can survive multiple blast from another tagger. The shields can regenerate given time, but TAG energy can not be regained once lost. You will need to revive your Tagger with a Multiverse Energy Distribution Injection Capsule (medic) at a Recharge Station.

Tagnodes will flash when being disrupted and also when carrying Flag data. Due to a color shift (similar to the Doppler effect) the Tagger’s color and the area around the headband tagnodes will indicate if it is from a upstream (Red) or downstream (Blue) universe.

Each Tagger has a unique 5 letter name used for identification during the games. More details on Tagger’s can be found here…..

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