Tactical Tips

Things to Consider:

  • Your TP ranking and your team’s (tag party) TP rating is determined by the number of Flags captured, at the end of your game, less the number of times you died during the one hour playing time. For example you had collectively 20 Flags,  but your tag party lost 8 lives  in the  session; your score is basically 20 – 8 = -12.  To normalize for different team numbers the following formula is used to compute the score and gives the team with the fewer players a numerical advantage:
    •  Score = (Total#players/Total#inTeam)x(1+TotalFlags-TotalDied)
  • There are a maximum of 15  Flags on the field (you will be told the maximum number in your game, this number will vary on how many players are on the field at a time – usually 8 for 16 players).
  • A Flag carrier is more easily discovered due to the fact that the tag nodes flash when a Tagger has Flag data tags stored.
  • You lose all Flag data tags if you die or are respawned, if you reach a Medic device at a Recharge Station in time (within 2 minutes) you can recover and keep your Flags.
  • Using a Respawn device within the 2 minute window will save your life, but you will lose your Flag data.
  • You cannot pick up an individual Flag more than once (as with Medic and Ammo devices), but you can recapture a Flag once respawned.
  • A player who has died is effectively out of the game for 2 -3 minutes unless they can find a Medic (or Repawn if used in the game) device  Recharge Station.
  • The Tagger blast can hit multiple people if they are in a line or closely grouped, so spread out. You can also hit your team mate so watch where you blast.
  • Do not fire if you are not sure if the target is friend or foe, and watch out for your team  being in your line of fire.
  • While  bushes provide you with cover, Infra Red will go through them unless it is  dense.
  • After you receive a hit there is a half second delay before you can fire or be hit again.


There are a variety of strategies that can be used to achieve the end objective of maximizing your Flags to respawn ratio, some are outlined below:

  • Blitz  – capture as many Flags as quickly as possible and keep the other team(s) on the defense, basically play the numbers, Flags verses lives lost.
  • VIP – Select one of the team to be the Flags carrier and protect the Flagcarrier.
  • Domination – capture and then defend a critical number of Flags and/or Recharge Stations .
  • Guerrilla – Strike quickly and then disappear, evading contact.
  • RECON – stealthy discovery of all Flags and amassing of health and ammo, only capturing the Flags in the last minutes of the game.


Whatever strategy you decide on you will need to effectively implement it as a team.

  • You need to plan out the tactical implementation of your chosen strategy, acknowledging your teams strengths and weaknesses.
  • You may also need to change your strategy within a game based on what other teams are doing. Effective communication within the team is therefore very important.
  • Communication is harder when you try to co-ordinate more than two people. Work in pairs within a team, it is easier to surround a single person, more difficult to surround a pair.
  • When under hostile fire, pairs should move one person at a time, with one partner providing fire cover for the other.
  • Keep your Tagger ready to blast  away at targets  in your view sector, even if your strategy requires you to fire only to defend yourself, team members should have designated view sectors.
  • Know your escape route to a Recharge Station and if possible secure your access to one.
  • Be aware of your status: health, shields, ammo and time left in the game. Make tactical decision like whether to attack or withdraw with this in mind.



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