Operational Orders

With the failure of the probes, we are left with no other option but to establish our own human RECON force to collect location tag data from our Flags and Flags from other timelines. The RECON force will be organized into multiple small groups, with each group or tag party to be designates as TP1, TP2, TP3…..etc. based on their experience and mission records.

  • The prime mission objective for each active tag party is to bring back as many Flag location tags as possible.
  • The secondary objective of a mission is to stop other timelines from recovering Flag location tags.
  • On occasions special operational orders may override the primary and secondary mission objectives.

Each tag party member will be equipped with an adapted Tagger than can disrupt other Tagger based technology, destroying flag data and returning the Tagger operator back to their original timeline. We can expect other timelines to have similar capabilities, but probably not identical (especially when timelines deviate substantially), and will provide our Taggers with shields and enough energy to support the Taggers field and blast capability, both of which can be recharged at Recharge Stations we have deployed in the parallel world.

For reasons not fully understood, but probably connected to the universal constant described in the technical thesis’s of  Douglas Adams, the RECON teams can only stay active in the other timelines for 42 minutes. To maintain balance teams are sent  to an up time and a down time universe, red or blue shifted (analogous to the Doppler shift) where they will most likely encounter the opposite shifted team from a different timeline. It is important to realize, although they might look identical, that these are not the same people from your timeline, they are from another timeline and are most certainly determined to make your mission fail.

Flags are typically spawned into remote and unpopulated locations and we will establish a mobile RECON Base at the spawning site. All TagParty RECON missions will be controlled from the mobile RECON Base established on site.

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