Field Map

The TagParty Recon Field Map is shown below.

The map shows the playing area  (shaded green), the grid reference system, and the general topography with each contour line indicating a 2ft rise or fall (the high point of the field is located at at the intersection of B1 and C1). The entrance to the field and the RECON Base is located at A0. The fields boundary is clearly marked (orange marker tape and orange flags) and mined, players leaving the safe playing area stand a good chance of tripping a mine and instantly losing all TAG energy and any captured Flags data.

TagParty RECON Field Map

Flags & Tagger Recharge Stations.

The Flags are distributed over the field in the 30 sectors. You can assume that there is only one device in each sector (note they could be next to each other if they are on a sector boundary and some sectors may not contain any devices). Medic, Ammo and Respawn devices are grouped together at Recharge Stations  in grids A1, A6, E1 & E6.


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