The worlds energy resources are dwindling, and since the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima plant in Japan, the world has been frantically searching for renewable and safe energy resources. That search led the researchers at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider to push forward with their efforts to recreate the condition just after the Big Bang – the source of all the universe’s energy. Their experiments have yielded unexpected and universe changing technology.

The colliding hadron particles created the expected anti-matter particles which were collected and contained in magnetic bottles. When the contained anti-matter reached a critical mass an unforeseen quantum level interaction took place, with the matter in our universe, resulting in a space time distortion and a wormhole was created. Subsequent experiments revealed that the wormhole did not connect time and space in our universe, but created a link between our universe and a parallel universe, or more correctly, a link between layers of parallel universes in a multiverse!

It was established that the parallel universes are almost identical to our own, but had deviated at different points along a timeline. Those universes that had recently deviated were closer to us in multiversal potential energy, while those that had deviated further back on the timeline, also were separated by a greater energy gap. Thus the energy needed to reach them and establish an energy conduit (wormhole) was greater, but equally the flux generated between more distant universes, or timelines, was greater.

Importantly, for our energy starved world, there was an identifiable flow of universal energy, or “flux”, between the universes through the wormhole. And, just like water flowing from a dam, this inter universe flux could be harnessed to generate electricity, However, to harness this flux energy sophisticated quantum engineering was required.

To harness the energy, flux anchor generators, or commonly now known as ‘Flags‘, were developed that could be sent through the wormhole (known as spawning) to anchor one end of the energy conduit. Once the exact timeline, space and time co-ordinates of the Flags are known, the energy conduit can be established and power generated back to Earth in our universe, or timeline. The amount of Flags in a timeline relates directly to the power generated by that conduit. There is however one flaw in the Flag concept that has proven to be problematic.

The Flags can be targeted and spawned into another timeline universe, but once anchored in that timeline there is no way for them to transmit back to our timeline their exact location in time and space, and we cannot yet accurately or precisely target the Flags spatial location. Without the exact locations of the Flags there is no way to establish the energy conduit.

Until we can resolve the spatial location problem we have to rely on an adaption of the flag technology, which provides a temporary timeline anchor for a reconnaissance probe sent to search for and gather the spatial location tag from the flags. The timeline anchor generator, commonly know as a Tagger, not only anchors the probe, but also collects the location tag data from the Flags while in the alternative timeline.

The Tagger equipped probes have worked well until recently. However as predicted we have encountered a threat. Other worlds, on closely related timelines, are also beginning to harvest the inter universe flux for their own needs. They are establishing their own Flags and harvesting our Flags’ location tags for their own use. They are also destroying our probes.  More…………….

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