Hunger Games


Pictures from the Memorial day “Hunger Games” sessions. [View as slideshow] 1234►

Party On Olivia and Andrew

We had two party celebrations down at the field today. Happy Birthday to Olivia and Andrew from TagParty. [View as slideshow] 12345►

Amazonian Warriors


With the battle scars to prove it! [View as slideshow] 123►

Kenyan Jewels


Big thanks to Shirlene for organizing this meet-up type of event down at the TagParty RECON field. You can learn about some of the Kenya’s best achievers, off the RECON field, on the web site “Kenyan Jewels”. Also, a big thanks to Matt from Verizon FIOS1’s “Push Pause” for being such a great sport and […]

Boys Vs Girls+1


Despite superior numbers the girls managed to prove that you do need to use some strategic planning and a tactical implementation (and I do not mean the gillie suits) of a plan to win. [View as slideshow] 123►

Team Building or Beating


The blue team beat up the red team as they dominated this game, but both teams had a lot of fun. Red need to work out a better team strategy for next time! [View as slideshow] 12345►

Awesome Moms Discounted Play on Mothers Day

Awsome Mums

Moms deserve their day of fun too. Check out our Special Mothers Day promotion which should leave them feeling really awesome on their day.

You can donate your 12% discount to help those without supportive mothers. TagParty will match your donation, with the money raised going to the Maryland Sheriffs’ Youth Ranch.


Christian’s RECON Party


Happy Birthday Christian. Check out the cake made to look like our RECON field. [View as slideshow] 123►

First Games of May


We welcomed May with warm but cloudy day down at the field. [View as slideshow] 123►