Easy Win For the Boys




The boys win easily, but it is close in the 3 teams game (See the score sheets). We will post the video taken after we have had a chance to edit it. [View as slideshow] 12►




It’s a Draw


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Emily’s TagParty


Emily's Party Score Sheet

Thank you for having your party with us.



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Bachelor Blast


Despite outnumbering the Red team, we have a case of the Bachelor Blues as the blue team were tactically outplayed by the red team (click on score icon on the left to download the score sheet from the game) .

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Happy New Year


The first games of 2012…….

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Welcome to TagParty RECON

NOTICE TagParty has ceased operations at the RECON field due to the rezoning and pending sale of the land. TagParty will continue mobile laser tag operations as normal while we look for an alternative venue. We hope you enjoyed your TagParty RECON experience and am sorry if you missed out. Please visit www.TagParty.net for more […]