Special Event – Black Friday OPS

Come ready to play, geared up in full camouflage or dark clothing to help you stealthily collect the Flags distributed over 4 plus acres of woodland. Come by yourself and join in with others to form a tag party bent on capturing the most Flags with the least loss of lives, or bring your own tag party prepared to take on all others (target a tag party size of 4 with your own hats for team identification).

It is a good job that you fueled up on Thanksgiving, because you are going to burn off those calories as you scout out the Flags and escape ambushes. Be prepared for a work out and wear layers so that you don’t overheat when you are playing.

Depending on the turn-out there will be various prizes for the best tag party which will be judged  (judges decision is final) on multiple levels by the TagParty RECON Crew.  The judging will take into consideration, but is not limited to:

  1. Timeliness of arrival (you must arrive for mission briefing 30 minutes before your game start time on the ticket – late arrival will mean loss of game time).
  2. Suitability of your attire for the mission and team uniform.
  3. Strategy, tactics and skill factors demonstrated during play.
  4. Consideration of other players and sportsmanship.
  5. Final score and competitive level of your game.

The Black Friday OPS event is open to all age 10 and above, you must be 13 to play unaccompanied by an adult and liability release forms have to be signed by everyone (parent or guardian for participants under 18 years old).

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