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We have received some feedback that this web site is hard to navigate and cluttered. We welcome all feedback and are now reviewing the website to see how we can improve it and make navigation easier. As a start we have removed the top menu item “Field” and moved its contents to show under “Information”, and reduced the entries down to excerpts rather than the full article/gallery. If you have any suggestions we would be grateful for your input. Please be patient as we evaluate what needs to be improved and work on alternatives. Thank you TagParty

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  • Change Log (2011-11-16):
    1)Removed “Field” and moved items to “inFORMation” in the main drop-down menu.
    2)Renamed “Calendar” to “Booking Calendar” to better reflect function.
    3)All but the first 3 posts are now shown as excerpts to speed-up loading and reduce home page clutter.
    4)”RECON” renamed “Home” to better reflect function.
    5)CSS file changes to correct main menu text display issues in Chrome and Safari browsers.
    6)Improved IE7/8 display of main menu drop-down function.
    7)Added graphic button for bookings.
    8)Added mobile redirect to reduce image size on smartphones
    9)Added LivingSocial voucher support.
    10) Started using NextGen plug in to improve ease of browsing the pictures
    11) Optimized caching on the site.
    12)Changed calendar display to show Sunday as first day of the week.

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