Sunday Funshine


Families at war in a fun way!

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Now this is how to Spend the Saturday After Black Friday


Lots of fun zapping away those extra unwanted calories.

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Special Event – Black Friday OPS


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Come ready to play, geared up in full camouflage or dark clothing to help you stealthily collect the Flags distributed over 4 plus acres of woodland. Come by yourself and join in with others to form a tag party bent on capturing the most Flags with the least […]

Battle Ready


A very well prepared group! All the right gear, and determined to win and have fun doing it.

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Saturday Magic at the Mill


The Magic at the Mill holiday festivities down at Historic Savage Mill were kicked off this weekend

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We have received some feedback that this web site is hard to navigate and cluttered. We welcome all feedback and are now reviewing the website to see how we can improve it and make navigation easier. As a start we have removed the top menu item “Field” and moved its contents to show under “Information”, […]

Late Afternoon Play on Sunday


Red Team Wins Convincingly!


The weather was perfect as the red team overpowered the blue team with a 3:1 margin.

Call of Duty MW3 at GameStop


We did our best to keep the hordes, waiting for the midnight release of the game, entertained.

Sunday’s Snaps From The Field


At least two of the RECON players had some fun today as their football teams didn’t do so well later on in the day! As for the “Bible Study Group”; All this fun and then off down to the Rams Head – still not buying it!