Challenge Your Friends to a Game of TagParty RECON

TagParty RECON

Live the Game!

Live the game! TagParty RECON is an outdoor laser tag adventure, played on 4 plus acres of woodland. A hybrid, incorporating the best aspects of paintball, video games and traditional laser tag. It is challenging, exhilarating and a lot of fun, without the pain associated with paintball. Find us at the North West corner of the Mill’s West parking lot.

The new TagParty RECON field incorporates many of the game play aspects associated with modern first person shooter video games like “Halo”, “Call of Duty”, “Day of Defeat” etc. There are multiple mission objectives and a variety of strategies that teams can implement to successfully achieve their goals. Players have to stealthily find their way through the trees and brush, and capture numerous Flags without being eliminated. The natural cover is augmented with barriers (bunkers) and eliminated players can be respawned back into the game from recharge stations where they can also pick up ammo and health points.

Groups of players form teams, or tag parties, with each trying to collect as many Flags as possible while losing as few lives a possible. The captured Flags are electronically registered on the players Tagger, along with a record of how many times the player was eliminated and who tagged them. The Taggers have a range of 700 feet in bright sunlight and are equipped with a scope and head sensors. Each Tagger has a unique identification name so that players can tell who hit them and how often .The scoring is done electronically, there is no “wiping” of paint, thus eliminating cheating associated with paintball.

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