Saturday Afternoon Play



In need of a medic game box at the recharge station – back to full health.



Challenge Your Friends to a Game of TagParty RECON

TagParty RECON

Live the Game!

Live the game! TagParty RECON is an outdoor laser tag adventure, played on 4 plus acres of woodland. A hybrid, incorporating the best aspects of paintball, video games and traditional laser tag. It is challenging, exhilarating and a lot of fun, without the pain associated with paintball. Find us at the […]

Rain Rain Go Away…Come Out and Play

Recon Briefing area

RECON HQ Briefing Area in the Sun

At last it looks like we will get a break from the rain this weekend. If you have been stuck indoors why not come out to play and relieve some of that pent-up energy and frustration by blasting away on our laser tag field. You can still […]