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TagParty has ceased operations at the RECON field due to the rezoning and pending sale of the land. TagParty will continue mobile laser tag operations as normal while we look for an alternative venue.

We hope you enjoyed your TagParty RECON experience and am sorry if you missed out.

Please visit www.TagParty.net for more information on our mobile laser tag


The next generation of action gaming is here in the form of an outdoor tactical laser tag adventure!  Welcome to the world where your first person shooter video game comes to life as you are “spawned” into a parallel universe and your real-life tactical combat adventure begins. TagParty RECON provides the complexity and challenge of a video game, and all the action and the adrenalin rush associated with paintball, but without the expense (see our prices here) and you can’t “wipe” the electronic tag – so there is no cheating!

Played on a wooded 4 plus acres of land, the games require skill and team work to achieve the mission objectives. Missions last for a set period of time and involve capturing electronic Flags with your Tagger and returning them to retrieval point at the end of the game. Your RECON tag party is competing against other teams with similar mission objectives. You lose your captured Flag data if you get neutralized, but you can “repawn” back into the game  to continue your mission. There are  Recharge Stations, that provide your Tagger with added health and ammo, deployed around the field of play to help you complete your mission.

For more details on the equipment and the playing area browse around this site; you will find a storyline and some useful tips on how to become TP1…the top tag party!



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